Villumeðhöndlun fyrir Documents API og Identity API

This is a list of error codes that we recommend to manage. When responding to these errors, an error message should be sent to a user according to the error code to improve user experience in case of failure.

Please note that the messages in the API response field "message" are for logs only and should not be used anywhere in the output.

These error codes are relevant for both identification and document signing.

Mobile ID error codes

1. Error code 6001 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "User does not have a mobile signature.",  "error_code": 6001  }

2. Error code 6005 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "Signing session expired.",  "error_code": 6005  }

3. Error code 7023 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "Signing canceled by user.",  "error_code": 7023  }

Smart-ID error codes 

4. Error code 6005 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "Signing session expired.",  "error_code": 6005  }

5. Error code 6006 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "User does not have Smart-ID account.",  "error_code": 6006  }

6. Error code 6007 (occurs when user has Smart-ID Basic account and is not allowed to sign documents with it):  

{  "status": "error",  "message": "User can not use Smart-ID account.",  "error_code": 6007  }

7. Error code 6008 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "User should view Smart-ID app or self-service portal",  "error_code": 6008  }

8. Error code 7023 

{  "status": "error",  "message": "Signing canceled by user.",  "error_code": 7023  }

In all other cases, it is enough to display a message that there was an error and suggest to try again. And if the error persists - contact your support.

Should you need the complete list of Dokobit API error list, you can find it here.

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