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What is a Dokobit integration review?

It is an assessment of your integration with Dokobit services before providing access to the production environment. It is performed to confirm that your integration meets our best practices and market quality standards. We will be looking through our logs for any discrepancies in the integration and giving best-practice recommendations during the review. This is done to prevent major issues before going live and ensure a smooth transition to the production environment.

When and where?

The review should be done once you have completed your integration in our sandbox environment. The integration review time is organized after your contract details are finalized, and the contract itself is signed. We schedule a video conference call in which we would ask you to demonstrate your integration from the user's perspective.

Once you are ready to have a review, please reach out to us at developers@dokobit.com.

We typically use Google Meet for integration reviews. To avoid any issues during the review, we highly suggest checking if screen sharing, microphone, and audio work correctly. This article might help you troubleshoot any potential issues. If you can not use Google Meet for any reason, please let us know in advance to arrange an alternative method for the review.

Note: Integration reviews can be done in English and Lithuanian languages.

How to prepare for the integration review?

To prepare for a successful integration review, we would highly suggest to you:

  1. Test the implemented workflow yourself (test data can be found here):
    1. Make sure the end-user can complete implemented tasks (e.g., authenticate, sign the document, add/remove signer, etc.).
    2. Ensure that the flow is logical (e.g., the end-user is correctly redirected after authentication/signing).
    3. Check if errors are handled correctly for Identity API and Documents API solutions (error handling guide can be found here).
    4. Check if localization is being handled correctly when multiple languages are used.
    5. Timeouts and request frequencies are logical (status checks are performed every few seconds and stop after a timeout, error, or cancelation).
  2. Check if your integration adheres to the What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) principle coming from ETSI TS 119 431-2 standard:
    1. Control code is clearly displayed.
    2. The end-user can cancel the transaction from the front-end.
    3. The document is available for preview before signing (applies for signing solutions).

Note: If there are any limitations in the environment that we are about to perform an integration review on (e.g., only certain users can perform certain actions, anything that could prevent us from testing the integration successfully), we would appreciate it if you let us know before our call. In such scenarios, being ready and having test data ready would help us have a successful review.

What happens after the review?

After an efficient integration review, we will send production environment details to the responsible person according to the signed contract. If the integration review is not successful, a second review will need to be organized once all outlined issues will be addressed.

A review can be performed again if configuration or other changes are planned for your integration, and you feel that our consultation would be beneficial.

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